Staff Profiles

Norman B. Reich, President/CEO

Norman B. Reich presides as President and Chief Executive Officer of NBR Computer Consulting, LLC. He is the backbone of the business. He deals with the customers and coordinates the work amongst the many consultants who work with him. He has been working with computers since elementary school, and has increased his knowledge through personal experience and his employment with many companies over the years. Mr. Reich holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland at College Park, and Master’s degree in Computer Science, Software and Systems, from the George Washington University.

Cynthia C. Reardon, Graphic Arts Specialist

Cynthia C. Reardon has been working with us almost as long as the company has been in existence. Her expertise and experience in graphic arts provides quality that allows our creations to surpass many of our competitors to provide our customers with some of the best quality products available.

Wolfgang E. Umana, Consultant/Technician

Wolfgang has been working with NBR Computer Consulting since 2005. With experience in social media, communications, outreach, and technical services, he provides a dynamic approach to the fast-changing world of technology. His background in working with hardware and software for businesses around the DC metropolitan area makes him a knowledgeable and familiar face for customers and clients alike.

Consultants and Consulting Partnerships

We have many consultants available to us. We know our strengths, and find others with technical expertise that enhances our capabilities. We find consultants who are experts in their areas to provide the best overall team to prodocue high quality results for our customers. This also helps us to keep our costs and rates down to provide the best quality and a reasonable price.