NBR Consulting has access to virtually all varieties of computer expertise a business could need. Norman has personally helped us significantly in hardware consultations and problem solving. Norman also did some web site design/construction that was not only exactly what we were looking for, but finished well before schedule, and for an extremely reasonable fee. I am so glad to have NBR Consulting as a resource!

Laura Mahoney
Summit Business Group

I also could not have met your deadlines so easily and effortlessly without the assistance of my computer consultant, Norman Reich. He deserves much of the credit, if not more, for getting the book to publication than myself. His attention to detail, quick turn around, and computer expertise make him an ideal candidate as a computer consultant whom you should recommend to other prospective authors dealing with your publishing company.

Tim Piro

I want to share with you some of the comments we have received from clients reviewing our website. Comments are: Easy to maneuver; Great web design. We were impressed with the design of your website.; Very informative; and Graphics were wonderful.

Norm, we attribute these comments to you and your wonderful staff. Thank you for all your hard work. We are very pleased with the site and are receiving a greater clientele.

Darla Powell
President, Crystal Interiors, LLC