About Us

NBR Computer Consulting, LLC is a full-service Information Technology Consulting business. We are the IT Department for businesses that are not large enough to need someone full time. We have a wide array of Internet, Computer, and Graphics Services and we work with individuals as well as small and medium sized business. Our goal is to provide high quality personalized service at reasonable and competitive rates.

NBR Computer Consulting, LLC began as a concept in 1994 and was developed through 1995. On January 1, 1996, the business was officially started, as a Sole Proprietorship, “Norman B. Reich, Computer Consulting”. In December of 1998, NBR Computer Consulting, LLC was formed as a Limited Liability Company.

In June 1998, the concept of Occasions to Remember® was started. The idea was to help present various occasions on the internet. For example a wedding would be able to present the event details to their guests online (invitation, comments, directions, guest book, and photographs). This concept was a reality long before it was commonplace for people to place their photos and other information online, and before the web was as popular as it is today.

Since it’s founding, the business has been steadily growing. With only one official client in its first year, we now have over 400 in our database.


Below are links to a sampling of some of our recent websites. Please feel free to contact any of them if you can use their services. We respectfully request that you do not contact them for marketing purposes.

Meet the Team

Norman B. Reich

Norman B. Reich


Norman B. Reich presides as President and Chief Executive Officer of NBR Computer Consulting, LLC. He has been working with computers since elementary school, and has increased his knowledge through personal experience and his employment with many companies over the years. Mr. Reich holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland at College Park, and Master’s degree in Computer Science, Software and Systems, from the George Washington University.

Wolfgang E. Umana

Wolfgang E. Umana


Wolfgang has been working with NBR Computer Consulting since 2005. With experience in social media, communications, outreach, and technical services, he provides a dynamic approach to the fast-changing world of technology. His background in working with hardware and software for businesses around the DC metropolitan area makes him a knowledgeable and familiar face for customers and clients alike.

Cynthia C. Reardon

Cynthia C. Reardon

Graphic Arts Specialist

Cynthia C. Reardon has been working with us almost as long as the company has been in existence. Her expertise and experience in graphic arts provides quality that allows our creations to surpass many of our competitors to provide our customers with some of the best quality products available.

Our team knows our strengths, and we find others with additional technical expertise that enhances our capabilities. We have many consultants that we work with who are experts in their field, to provide the best overall high quality results for our customers.


attention to detail

His attention to detail, quick turn around, and computer expertise make him an ideal candidate as a computer consultant whom you should recommend to other prospective authors dealing with your publishing company.


Norman also did some web site design/construction that was not only exactly what we were looking for, but finished well before schedule, and for an extremely reasonable fee.

minimal direction, great results

It’s been a real pleasure working with you too Norm – it’s awesome to be able to give minimal direction and then stand back and see great results.


Your professional direction of this project was outstanding throughout.


I want to thank you again for all the great support you give my company.  Definitely would not be successful without your technical help.

quick and efficient

I would not hesitate to recommend Norman.  If he says he can do it, it will get done, quickly and efficiently.

very pleased

Norm, we attribute these comments to you and your wonderful staff. Thank you for all your hard work. We are very pleased with the site and are receiving a greater clientele.

best IT guy

This guy, Norman Reich is the greatest!!  If you contact him, use this email and let him know you know me.  He is the best IT guy I have ever met!


You are awesome if I have not told you this week!


Once again you have confirmed for me that you are a genius.